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The roof of the echo pars exhibition

Space Structures Campus complicating Station

Construction of the spacecraft structure of the roof of the EKoPars Expo

The name of the project for the construction of the spacecraft structure: the ceiling of the EcoPars exhibition

Geolocation of Space Constructor Construction: Tehran - Qom

Project Description Space Work: Design, production and implementation of the Euphars Expo Ceiling

Project area of the spacecraft structure: 850 square meters

Project Status: Under Operation




No : 20 , 6 Golshid St , Nakhlestan Blvd . Shamsabad Industrial ,City,Tehran , Iran

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Rokhbam Sazeh Co

This company due to its skilful and hardworking technical,engineering team specifically in terms of speed and accuracy has been dignified to obtain a top position in construction industry in Iran.

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